Thursday, June 19, 2014

Poetry Journal Share

Good morning!
My weekends have been all about gardening. Even when I take a break I think about the gardens so it's of little surprise that this is what's spilling over into my Poetry Journal.

I started to decorate the cover of  my Journal, there's still a way to go but here's where it's at for now.

Before I go on I'd like to share a little about my process and why I'm showing my journal this way. I've decided to just write and draw as it comes to me and leave my inner editor out of it. Trust me if it we're up to her there would be very little left to share. :) 

This page came about after an evening walk in the yard as the light was fading. I noticed that the coloured flowers were hard to see but the whites really stood out.
 For Every Flower There is an Hour
Good morning sunshine,
wake up yellow buttercup.
Then high noon the bright pink, dark red and 
blue will shine true.
But when the light fades, some magic happens, 
for it's then that the whites glow!

After almost a year of speculation as to what colour the Poppies in our garden are the first one bloomed and this was the inspiration for this page.  

What I Found in my Garden Today

I dropped a seed into the ground, watered well and waited long.
But in the end they to me.
One leaf at a time peeped up out of the ground.
This is what I found in my garden today.

Thanks for stopping in I enjoyed your visit!
Have a crafty day my friend!


  1. Lovely, Jutta. Both put me into your feelings at the time you walked through your gardens.

  2. Nice Jutta. The tone is so relaxed, just like time in a journal should be. I'm so glad you gave your inner critic, the boot! You really don't need her. :) This is lovely.


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