Sunday, March 25, 2018

Bagettes and a Tote

Happy Spring!

Hello, these first few days of Spring have been a real mixed bag as far as our weather is concerned. Some sun, then some snow and then both! Well that was just fine by me as it gave me time to stay in and sew. Today I'm sharing two items.

The first share is the fun Bridgette's Bagettes that Mary taught us last Monday for Make and Take at Pleasant Valley Quilting.  The smaller bag in the photo is actually the largest of three that come in the pattern. I loved how the small one turned out so much I decided to double the size and make the larger one. I really like that the front is clear plastic making it easy to see what's inside. I'm so happy with how these turned out and loving that cheery fabric.

Then Friday it was back to the quilt shop where Bev of our Creative Fibre Play group lead us through the steps to make the quilted tote below. The sewing of all the layers in this tote turned out to be too much for my poor old sewing machine. After it had several tantrums resulting in thread everywhere I ended up sewing the handles on by hand. I'll be able to haul home the store in this sturdy tote with it's extra large pockets.

I have to admit that I have really been enjoying the sewing. For one thing it feels good to start and finish a project in a matter of hours.

I also have a couple WIPs. I'm almost done a striped crochet lapghan from a lovely Peruvian wool. Also working on a knitted Fair Isle sweater of Jaimeson and Smith wool that's a bit of a challenge and mostly sits in the bag neglected.

I'm super excited that my Daughter and the littles will be here tomorrow for a weeks visit. I hope to do some Easter crafts with them. Oh the fun we'll have! 😀

Staying crafty,

Friday, March 16, 2018

Snow Dyeing Cotton

I'm here today with a quick post about a fun and  new to me technique for dyeing cloth or yarn. It involves snow which is something that we have plenty of most years with this year being no exception.

Yesterday myself and seven members of the Creative Fibre Play group gathered at Marnie's place for an afternoon of snow dyeing. Cath a fibre artist shared freely of her dyeing knowledge, fabric and dyes. She also introduced us to some very fun types of silks, who knew that there is such variety.

After getting our projects done to the point of where the melting snow was left to work its magic we were served yummy cookies and muffins with tea or coffee. We were treated to a tour of Marnie's craft room. Then we discussed what other crafts we want to try next. Crafts and friends, my favorite way to spend an afternoon.
There are many You Tube video's on the subject of snow dyeing so I won't go into any of the how to details.

Here is a photo of my dye covered snow set up.
 The wet fabric pieces hung out to dry after they were rinsed and washed.
 And the same two pieces after they were dry and ironed.

 I see so many flower shapes when I look at them. They are a bit more vibrant in real life and 
I love them both. Now to come up with a project that will showcase them best. Stay tuned.
Have a crafty day!

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