Friday, November 29, 2013

Mata Ortiz Pottery

Mata Ortiz Pottery by jmcraftygal
Mata Ortiz Pottery, a photo by jmcraftygal on Flickr.
Six weeks ago on a trip to Mexico my DH purchased these two Wedding vases made by the potters of Mata Ortiz. He was on his motorcycle and had them shipped UPS, they finally arrived this week.

There is a very interesting art story behind this style of pottery. Detailed in a book called the Miracle of Mata Ortiz. In short a young boy, Juan Quezada finds ancient pot shards as he's collecting firewood for his family. He experiments until he is able to duplicate the methods used to make, fire and decorate the ancient pottery. Through all this he becomes one of Mexico's premier Artists and saves his small town of Mata Ortiz in the process.

To find out more, read an interview with the Author Walt Parks of Miracle of Mata Ortiz here: Stanford Magazine Article

Or for Eye candy check out the Google image files for Mata Ortiz Pottery


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